I suffer from the disease of people who has more interests than time.

Travelling - I love travelling, like a backpacker, by local transportation with local people. My greatest experience was a 7 months trip to India and Nepal, overland via Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. Pictures from our trip, a Brotankova-centristic selection, if you like.

My eternal love are mountains and nature in general. Either alone or with good friends, I love to walk, climb the rocks, sleep far from the civilization.

Rogallo (a "delta wing", hand-glider).

Dancing is the activity which makes me the most busy now. In India, I fell in love in the Indian classical dance and now, I study Bharatanatyam, which is a really amazing dance. To relax, I do oriental dances, I did couple of Bollywood dance projects and sometimes I also like to go to latinoamerican clubs for salsa etc.

For the rest of my interests, I have not much time. I like playing a guitar, I used to paint, I used to write, mainly feuilletons or travels, I love languages - my bad memory and enthusiasm is usually a funny combination for native speakers.

Of course, I also like reading (not only papers about physics). This is one of amazing novel which I really love: Flowers for Algernon

And, of course, physics is another of my passions... :-)