General gallery

This is meant to be a storage of interesting and even amusing pictures. Let's start with some of my favourite ones:

Passport picture for my Iranian visa in the original and Black&White version. Females need a scarf. I admit, I was more than needed...

Asia - new:

Qutb Minar a the Iron column in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, North India

There and back again:

Moment of rest, Kappadokia, Turkey
Dinner in Istanbul, Turkey
Highly flattering chador (exept the size), Qom, Iran
Pakistak Atomic Energy Comission near the main railway station, Lahore, Pakistan

Tokamak at the Azadi University in Teheran, Iran


Top: Kala Pathar, attitude 5 600 m.


Camel ride in the desert of Rajasthan, Nort India
Hichhiking - lorry, Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, South India

Sarees at the bank of the river Ganga, Varanassi, Uttar Pradesh, North India
Feeding of a cattle by a banana skin, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India
Blessings from a sacret elephant, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India

Sochy v buddhistické jeskyni v Ajantě, Maharashtra, střední Indie
Potvory v Hampi, Karnataka, střední Indie
Jiřiny v zahradě hrobky, Dillí, Uttar Pradesh, severní Indie

Some of the pictures from India 2003/2004:

Window of Jama Masjid, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, North India
on a window of the tumb called "Baby Taj" Agra, Uttar Pradesh, North India

Fiddler on the roof:

Who haven't seen the gallery of Fiddler on the roof, some selection:

From the play and the backstage: match-maker Jente is making the matches and after that, talks in the backstage

From shooting of the revolution in Prague at Letna: The red flags (in the plate) must have been visible as far as from the river side.
Scened with dead-bodies were quite fine, until a crowd had to blow over. That time, the dead-bodies were afraid.

Costumes trials:

Jente, Russians